The portal is off to a good start since our preview party on Wednesday! Not only did we max out the venue capacity at The Pod, we also received a torrent of submissions on our opening night, bringing the current count to over 40,000 memories!

We’ll have the photos and the highlights for you in a bit, but do also send in photos of the night to as a memory contribution!

Today, I’ll like to explain how easy a memory submission can be to get you started. So here goes~

Step 1: Fire up your web browser and point it to Click on the right pane Share.

Step 2: If you’re not a registered member, proceed to register and login with your preferred Google / Facebook / Yahoo / Windows / NLB Digital account.

Step 3: As an example, I’ve used my Google account here.

The next screen will ask you for your Email, Full Name, contact number (optional) and Display Name (mandatory). We ask for these information so that your entry can be uniquely identified and credited to you.

Step 4: Congratulations, you’re almost there! Now you can begin writing your entry and attach relevant photos / videos.

Step 5: Do help us improve intelligent matching process of related memories by inputting relevant identifying information such as Geolocation and Tags. This will help others find your stories.

Step 6: Submitted! Now it’s time to share your stories with your loved ones. Select on any of the social media platforms by clicking on the icons below Share.

Step 7: You can now return to your personal ME page and discover related memories!

We find that members with a greater number of submissions enjoy more relevant recommendations of related memories, so if you’re finding an odd match, don’t fret! Add a few more with descriptive tags to your posts and it’ll get better 🙂

This wraps up our first introductory “how to” guide. We’ll have more tips and tricks to follow so watch this space!

Yeong Chong
Editor, irememberSG
Singapore Memory Project


  1. Hi Yeong Chong

    What happens to thos memories that have already been submitted? Do I re submit them into my space?

  2. Yeong Chong Reply

    Hi Rosie,

    Your earlier memories are already captured by the system but currently filed under “Singapore Memory”, instead of your name. Please email us the email you used to register your memory account and we’ll do a matching at a later stage. Our email is


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