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Do you:

  • Pepper your sentences with “lah”, “lor”, “meh” when speaking with a fellow Singaporean?
  • Travel  miles across your country of residence to satisfy your craving of authentic Singapore hawker food?
  • Smuggle Bak Kwa through customs?
  • Recreate your Singapore cuisine in your kitchen?

Sound familiar? Of course you do, because you’re a true blue Singaporean! Let’s gather up these outrageous moments where you went to great lengths just to feel that familiar sense of home for Singapore Day 2012 in New York!

Tell us exactly how far you would go to feel at home. Simply log on to to start a memory account and contribute your story! The participant who submitted the most number of memories will stand to win a US$50 Amazon e-gift voucher*.Tag each of the memory with “Overseas Singaporeans” (very important step!), ‘coz that’s how we will identify the winner. You could even upload photos and videos with your contributions. Closing date is 20 April 2012.

We’ve been hearing lots of exciting news from the Overseas Singaporean Unit, and it’s going to be a fun-filled extravaganza with our hawker favorites, and activities staged by various governmental initiatives including the Singapore Memory Project. Already, the team heading there has been busy getting the booth designs ready and thinking through what surprises to spring onto fellow Singaporeans at Prospect Park come 14 April. Just to whet your apetite, here’s some sneak peaks of what we’ll be bringing!

We’ll have more updates on our special programmes and what you can expect from the Singapore Memory Project in New York in our next update!

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