We hosted the irememberSG – Shin Min Daily “想当年” Contest which ran from 16 Jan to 11 Feb 2012. Just to jazz things up a little we used photos related to sports were used as memory triggers to get readers to submit stories and it had worked well to trigger off a flurry of submissions.

We were heartened to have received not only memories of sporting events, but also other memories ranging from the wedding of a contributor’s parents in the 60s; a humorous recollection of a son’s memory of his mother breastfeeding his younger brother, to a poignant memory of a contributor who had her photo taken by her teacher during class (back in those days when owning a camera is a luxury and a novelty). The oldest memory is about a graduation dated all the way back to 1954.

Clayton Lee Chin Lye was the winner of the contest (congratulations!), and he shared about his school sports day at Qihua Primary School (Kay Wah Branch II) at Nam Hoe Village. We picked the entry as he had shared in succinct terms the friendship of his younger years and how his search of long lost friends continues even today:

I was representing the ‘Blue’ tag and we fought hard for the trophy in the open turf field with triangle cones to designate the running lanes. It was totally a different era as all the sports event in school nowadays were conducted at proper decent running track. I still missed the old days training in our village – Nam Hoe on running around our house with tree branch which acts as baton training. I’m also trying to find our long lost friends that we play and study together in the Kay Wah Branch II primary school at Nam Hoe Village.

Clayton (right) receiving his ipad (!) from Director of the Singapore Memory Project, Mr Gene Tan (left)

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