We hope you’re having fun with our brand new SG Memory app. For those who are curious about how it works, here’s a How-To guide:

Step 1: Download ‘SG Memory’ from the iTunes App Store on your iOS device running iOS 5.

Step 2: Ensure Location services is turned on your device, which is required if you want to submit a memory. If you haven’t done this, go to Settings > Location services, and ensure Location Services is enabled for SG Memory.

Step 3: If you are a first time user, tap on Register here to sign up for a SingaporeMemory.sg account using your Facebook credentials. Sign-ups through Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and NLB accounts will be supported in future updates.

Skip to Step 7 if you have previously signed up for a SingaporeMemory.sg account using your Facebook account.

Step 4: You will taken to a new browser window. Tap on the Facebook logo.

Step 5: Enter your Facebook account details and tap Log In at the bottom of the page. The next screen will ask you for your Email, Full Name, contact number (optional) and Display Name (mandatory). We ask for this information so that your entry can be uniquely identified and credited to you.

Step 6: Once you have successfully registered, re-launch the SG Memory app to contribute your memories.

Step 7: On the SG Memory app, tap on “Yes, I’d like to contribute now.”

Step 8: The Facebook iOS app will be launched. Login to your account and allow SG Memory to access your Facebook profile.

Step 9: You will be taken back to the SG Memory app. Tap on any of the three options to start submitting your memories.

Step 10: Fill in the mandatory fields and tap on Upload to submit your memories. Note: Tap on the Return key on the keyboard to unhide the keyboard if you wish to amend the date of memory to an older date.

Please give the SG Memory app a try. We’re already looking at ways to improve it. Let us know what you make of it. Feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

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