We recently bid farewell to the McDonald’s outlet at Marine Cove on 18 march, after 30 years of operation. To commemorate the occasion, we quickly threw a little contest on Facebook and these are the winning entries from Wan Ting, Li Rong and Cecile!

East Coast Park McDonald’s: Pat Wan Ting

They say all good things have to come to an end.

18th March 2012 marks the end of my journey in East Coast Park McDonald’s.

It’s been an amazing experience for unknowingly 3 years. Never have I imagined myself to step into this place, in which to many is not an ideal job for Singaporeans who always carry high expectations about a job, and commit for so long. And I’m definitely blessed to have gotten to know each and every individual working there, who were more like a family to me. I can still remember the first impressions and the first times of each individual. From aunties and uncles, to teenagers like me, and foreigners from Malaysia, China and Indonesia.

The times here have grown to become life lessons for me, too. Back then, this timid girl who was struggling to keep up with the pace of a fast food restaurant, has grown to be that irritant, jumping around and making so much noise as early as 7am and as late as 4am when everybody were so drained out from working.

It was more than just a job in McDonald’s. It was more than just punching in on time, serving customers and then punching out and heading home. It was about the bond we had, the fun and joy we share, the good and bad times we go through all together.

I sincerely thank all of you for the memories created, be it as small as a piece of chicken McBite, or as big as a Breakfast Deluxe. Thing will definitely be different without the presence of every one of you, my family. ♥


ECP will always stay in my heart 🙂 : Teo Li Rong

18th March 2011 marks the end of my journey working at East Coast Park McDonalds. It is terrible to feel
this way because I really love working in this place and with my colleagues. This is the place where I grew from a timid girl to a confident one. It is filled with love and I’m proud to work here. It’s the people that makes this place filled with great memories and make it worthwhile. For the people who love me and whom I love.

For this, I should thank my store manager, Kelly Leong. With her tenderness love, patience, care and concern, I am able to grew well in this place. This place will always stays in my heart, my life.

Nothing comes easy. Everything requires effort just like the time when I was a barista learning how to do latte art. One of my greatest achievements, from a failed Rosetta (treebranch) to one presentable latte art. It takes time, faith and perseverance.

To me, this is definitely the best McDonald’s in Singapore with my best friends, awesome managers and colleages! Not forgetting our loyal customers who will always patronize our store. I would like to thank everyone in ECP who made my life so significant in McDonalds! I’m lovin’ it!

We are like a big family and this is our second home 🙂


McDonald’s at East Coast: Cecile Oh

I remember the MacDonald’s at East Coast because that was the haunt for me and a clandestine relationship with a boy. He lived in Bedok and I used to meet him there for a quick catch up before he went to meet his girlfriend.

The funniest thing is that I had almost completely wiped the memory of that girlfriend and the associated humiliation from my mind until today when I thought about Macs.

The most embarrassing memory though was when I decided that squeamish old me should take a ride with him on a Viking. There used to be rides there, not sure if they are there anymore.

No one else took the ride and I decided we should perch ourselves in the top end corner of the Viking, ie the scariest part. Naturally it was a major screamfest! My boy was suitably embarrassed.

Do you have more photos of the outlet you’d like to preserve? Share your entries at www.SingaporeMemory.sg now and tag hen with “irememberECPMacs”!

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