The merlion under construction in 1972 (memory contributed by Mr James Seah)

One of our nation’s most distinctive and beloved icons underwent a transformation recently in celebration of its 40th anniversary. In celebration of turning 40, the Merlion Park came alive with a dazzling display of light projections, sound and pyrotechnics named “Merlion & I: An Inspiring Journey”. The lightshow showcased how this well-loved icon has evolved to inspire generations of Singaporeans and visitors alike.

Besides enjoying the festivities, members of the public were encouraged to share the personal memories they had about the Merlion as part of the irememberMerlion initiative.

What memories do you have of the Merlion? Do you have stories and pictures to share? Click here to head over to the Singapore Memory Portal to share your stories and to see what others remember of the Merlion!


dazed and confused

Stephanie Pee
Associate, irememberSG
Singapore Memory Project

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