St Margaret’s School has a long and rich history—it was founded in 1842, after Mrs Maria Dyer, a missionary, was horrified after she came across a group of young girls being auctioned off as slaves for the rich while she was passing through Singapore en route to China. She eventually started a small school for girls on North Bridge Road. The school was later named St Margaret’s School—after the Queen of Scotland.

The Singapore Memory Project is proud to be working with St Margaret’s School (primary and secondary), which celebrates its 170th anniversary this year. We are working to digitise the school’s heritage materials and are organising memory collection drives at the school’s various events—such as the school’s musical, Teacher’s Day Tea Party and anniversary dinner. We hope to gather as many memories as possible and to hear from diverse voices—from current students, teachers as well as alumni.

Students at an interviewing skills training workshop

To support the memory collection drives, SMP conducted a training workshop for a group of St Margaret’s students where they learnt the basics of interviewing. These students put their newly acquired skills to the test during the school’s musical, Blessed to be a Blessing, which was held at the Kallang Theatre in July this year.

We would love to hear from if you are a student, teacher, or alumni of St Margaret’s School—head over here to share your memories with us!


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Stephanie Pee
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