Hands up if you have always been fascinated by The Daily Prophet (found in the popular novel series – Harry Potter). I have! What looks like a conventional newspaper is actually filled with moving images, making it a visual and audio feast for its readers. Taking inspiration from this, the Potter fan in me couldn’t resist issuing this as a challenge to students for the iremembermySchoolDays School Competition.

Held over a span of six months, the competition required students to come up with their version of The Daily Prophet. The difference? Theirs would be a multimedia newspaper filled with memories of school days. The idea certainly went down well with the schools; a total of 87 submissions were received from 44 schools. Eight teams were selected to bring their concepts into fruition. No magical wands or spells were involved, the students created the newspaper through sheer hard work and determination – interviewing parents, grandparents, their school community and even the public for memories. SMP also got in contact with dementors (the mentorsget it?)  from the creative industry to guide the teams along during the competition.

“Our teachers and family members who were interviewed were very encouraging and helpful. Memories were recollected; photos were removed from yellowing albums and voices were recorded. They were equally excited to share with us,” said a student from Yu Neng Primary School.

From memories of a “Bridge of Love” that eventually collapsed due to its popularity as a photo spot to how school uniform trends have evolved over time, there seems to be an invisible thread that ties these little tales, collected across different generations, together.

The competition came to a close on Wednesday, 18 September 2012 with an awards ceremony. The results were announced by our Guest-of-Honour, Mr Hawazi Daipi, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Manpower. Congratulations to…

Primary School Category Joint Champions
Raffles Girls’ Primary School and Yishun Primary School

 1st Runner-up
Xingnan Primary School

 2nd Runner-up
Yu Neng Primary School


Secondary School & Junior College Category Champion
Victoria Junior College 

1st Runner-up
Crescent Girls’ School

 2nd Runner-up
Yishun Town Secondary School

3rd Runner-up
Evergreen Secondary School

The winners’ submissions were also showcased during the ceremony and SMP is working on converting the Champions’ works into actual e-publications. These will be uploaded to singaporememory.sg for all to access at a later date. In the meantime, check out some of the other memories of our participants:

iremembermySchoolDays – Primary School edition
iremembermySchoolDays – Secondary School edition
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Singapore Memory Project

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