In July and August this year, the Singapore Memory Project ran a competition, inviting both young and old to submit their school day memories. Up for grabs was a unique class reunion— high tea on the Singapore Flyer worth $888—for the class that submitted the most number of memories. So it was with great pleasure that on 30 September, we invited Temasek Polytechnic’s TP HTM O.C.K class of 2010 to a special afternoon of food, fun and most of all, friends. Read the interview below to see how their afternoon on the flyer went!

Stephanie Pee (SP): How did your class come to join the competition?

Jimmy: Our HTM lecturer posted the advert on her FaceBook wall. Out of curiosity, I clicked and saw that it was actually pretty easy to participate, [and thought that] we [might] even have the chance to win (which we did). So I Whatsapped the clique and told them to take part in it.

HY: Jimmy initiated the whole thing. He told us about this event, and “ordered” all of us to send in photos!

SP: Were all of you very close when you were in school together?

Reuben: We often had stayovers and visit one another during CNY and Hari Raya Puasa. But I guess what kept us close were the wonderful memories we had when we were in school, like rushing for projects together, waiting for each other’s classes to end so that we can have our meals together…

Jocelyn: Definitely. I would say the word “close” is an understatement.

HY: Yes we were. Even when all of us were in different classes from year two onwards, we held our own OCK chalet and also had birthday celebrations! Even today even though we are on different pathways, some of us still frequently meet for dinner and a movie!

Zakiah: Yes, where possible, we gather every single person in the group to celebrate birthdays, hold/attend chalets and go Karaoke-ing 🙂

SP: What do you miss about your school days?

Jimmy: I miss everything… I’m sure all of us wish we were back to that time where we were stressed by projects and reports; enjoyed long meals together; sitting outside the lecture theatres looking at ‘eye candies’; huge laughter anywhere.

Reuben: I miss the meals we had together and playing Monopoly Deal while waiting for classes to start. Although during the tough periods of sleeping as little as two hours a day, I still reminisce the times we had motivating each other to finish our project.

Su-lin: Lunch and meals at the school canteens, the jokes, stories, gossip and heart-to-heart talks!

Biyin: The happy and carefree (as compared to work) days where we could just spend lots of time together doing happy things! I miss all of us gathering and having fun during school days!

HY: The times we hung out together outside class, playing cards while waiting for lessons to start, rushing to Mensa for western food and kway chap, sitting together in lecture hall playing among ourselves as if we were the only ones in there, staying up late to ‘chiong’ (rush) for a project and finishing the presentation in class… when we behave like who we are, loud and happy—and how we just loved it!

SP: How did you feel to be reunited after so long?

Jimmy: Because everyone is busy…  it is very difficult to organise an outing for more than 10 people—it’s like planning an event! So, it definitely felt really good; without this opportunity, all of us might have only been able to meet once a year. HAHA! We do still see each other, but in small groups within the clique.

Cassie: It really felt like the good ol’ days. All the chatting that we did… Everyone has a different ‘feel’ now, since some of us are still studying and some working, but it was nice knowing how each of our lives have changed.

Reuben: To be honest, I feel that we have not left one another as we still have meet-ups (although in smaller groups) and we use social media to keep in touch.

Jocelyn: Everything felt familiar, and yet remote at the same time. Each of us has been through different things and changed significantly after graduation, but our usual bantering and communication styles remained the same. It felt like good old times again.

Su-lin: It was nice to see familiar faces and felt like we were back to our school days where we could come together and share.

Kimberly: It felt really great to see them after a long time. Still feels really comfortable after not meeting for so long.

Biyin: Very happy! It’s been so long since we had ‘full attendance’ for our outing.

Regina: Awesome! Great catch-up with the rest of O.C.K!

LL: …I do feel happy that most of us attended the reunion even though we are all busy with school and work.

YY: It was a great feeling to get away from work and the responsible adult life for a day and be transported back to the times of school, where there were lesser expectations and responsibilities, where friendship and bonds were more easily formed.

SP: Tell us about the experience you had in the flyer. What did you enjoy most about it?

Jimmy: I’m really glad we won this contest, we’ve never been to the Singapore Flyer as a group before, and even better, we had an entire capsule to ourselves with finger food provided! Although 30 minutes felt insufficient, it was very fun.

Cassie: I enjoyed the high tea! Well, that is part of it… I really missed this noisy bunch of people!

Reuben: Our clique is known to have the biggest ‘hungry ghosts’ around. Hence I guess it’s the sumptuous meal that NLB and the Singapore Flyer prepared for us. It was the great catch up as well that we enjoyed—it has been a long time since it was (near) full attendance!

Jocelyn: I’m extremely thankful for this wonderful opportunity to take the flyer in the most exclusive and special way. It was my first time on the flyer and 30 minutes was simply insufficient to fully enjoy the breathtaking 360-degree view of Singapore’s skyline, the lovely pastries (macaroons especially!) and the company of my classmates. I really enjoyed the chance to take in Singapore’s landmarks, such as Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and (lucky for us) the Singapore F1 Grand Prix Race Track, all at one go!

Su-lin: The fact that we could all meet up after so long, and that the time we had was just for ourselves (:

Kimberly: I enjoyed the company. Everything…was fun, catching up like how we always used to!

Biyin: The experience was great, but a little too short. Beautiful views, yummy food, and most importantly, talking and laughing together! 😀

HY: It was really a wonderful opportunity for all of us to meet up after so long, this was the first time after years that we had full strength in attendance. We met up, talked, and laughed over the same old jokes.

Regina: It was a fun experience being in the flyer with O.C.K! A very different experience added to O.C.K’s memory and a more meaningful one since it’s through winning the competition! I enjoyed the time of sharing in the capsule, sitting around the sofa and talking about things that happened to Hengying and Reuben that filled the whole capsule with laughter! A heart-warming and fun experience indeed!

Zakiah: Definitely the people, food and drinks provided on-board certainly complemented the time we spent together! It was really fun! XD

LL: I enjoyed seeing each other the most, feeling young as if we were back in school! However the time spent on the flyer could be longer!

YY: The experience was great! The best part was having our own private capsule, to let loose and make as much as noise as we wanted to, which brought back the nostalgia of school life, where laughter was never short.

What do you remember of your classmates and your school days? What were the things that you all used to get up to? Share your memories with us here. You can check out more photos from this event over at our FaceBook page. Why not also follow us on Twitter?


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