The Asia Insurance Building (image by Yesudian Pon Thomas via Singapore Memory Portal)

On Sunday, 30 September, 2012, The Sunday Times ran an article on the memory of Ms Adeline Ooi. The article refers to the 12-storey National Aerated Water Co. as the tallest building in Singapore in the 1960s. A reader, Mr Narayana Narayana, has since pointed out that the 18-storey Asia Insurance Building was the tallest building in Singapore at that time.

The Singapore Memory Project practises a no-edit policy to honour the personal memories that contributors submit, meaning that factual inaccuracies and discrepancies occur from time to time. However, it is through community spirit, like that of Mr Narayana’s, that we are able to build a stronger Singapore story.

The SMP would like to thank Mr Narayana for his time and for pointing out the discrepancy in the article.


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Stephanie Pee
Associate, irememberSG
Singapore Memory Project

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