Recently, three of our Memory Corps volunteers Rosie Wee, Pauline Loh and Joyce Shum have appeared in the media sharing their experiences in the Memory Corps and of course, spreading the word about the Singapore Memory Project. The article has appeared in The Straits Times, AsiaOne and even across the causeway in The Star.

Behind the scenes – Memory Corps volunteers Pauline Loh, Rosie Wee and Joyce Shum being photographed for the media feature

The article tells of the great contributions of Memory Corps volunteers to SMP and to the documentation of memories of Singapore, and the triumphs and challenges they face while doing so. In the article, Pauline shares a touching story about her motivations to volunteer with SMP. Four years ago, she was dealt a blow when she learnt that a World War II veteran she has met five months ago had passed away. “Every day people die, and their memories die along with them.”

iremembersg caught up with Rosie Wee after the articles were published, and she expressed her sentiments on what volunteering with SMP meant to her, “The SMP challenges Singaporeans to re-look at what history is about. By documenting personal memories of Singaporeans, awareness is raised (through experiential learning), that there is another dimension to the Singapore Story besides those culled from history books.” Joyce Shum also shared with us: “My friend informed me that he saw my photo in The Straits Times, I was greatly heartened and feel honoured!”

Read the original full article on The Straits Times, AsiaOne and The Star. Would you like to volunteer with us as well? Find out more about how you can get involved here. You can email us directly at to sign up. You can also contribute by submitting your personal memories to the SMP website, and following us on Facebook and Twitter

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