Contribute your memories of people, places or events in Singapore to ‘Our Stories’ Project  from 9 June onwards and stand a chance to win tickets* to the National Day Parade (NDP)! 10 lucky winners will be announced on the NDP website and facebook every Sunday, starting from 16 June.

‘Our Stories’ Project is a nationwide story submission initiative to encourage Singaporeans to share their experiences and real-life stories based on two themes – ‘Everyday Singaporeans’ and ‘Growing up with Singapore’. Based on the theme ‘Everyday Singaporeans’, tell us about your neighbours, teachers/principals or even the hardworking cleaner at your office. Or submit a story about lost Singapore landmarks, your favourite childhood game, carefree school days that were all part and parcel of ‘Growing up with Singapore’. Five weekly winners will be chosen from memories that adheres to the above themes. On top of that, an additional five winners will be selected based on memories submitted according to the weekly trigger questions posted on NDPeeps.

We want to know about what makes Singapore special to you. So start contributing your memories today!

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  1. jaidev nanwani Reply

    My story

    I was born in the year of 1983 in kandang kerbau hospital. My parents migrated from India and i was among the 2 of the 3 kids who was
    lucky to be born here. My dad made his career by switching over from the tailoring business to the electronics line. With lots of hard
    work, he became the first trade in mobile phones in singapore even before anyone else.

    As the years went by and businesses became tougher, my dad worked through the crisis and made even effort to remain in business. He sacrifices
    all his off time, public holidays and sick time to ensure the store until today is open by 10 am and closed at 745 pm.

    It is with his guidance that i too came into the mobile line of work. While my sisters left for different experiences in Dubai and Canada, i stayed here
    all this while and until the age of 29, i missed out on alot experiences that other people my age had. I didt go to clubs, parties, celebrations. Dinners
    outside were very rare.

    But the overall belief i had was that i would see myself exploring life after marriage. And for that to happen for both parties, i found my spouse from india.
    All the experiences we had in singapore was for the first time.

    Our wedding reception was held at the singapore flyer. Our Chinese new year was spent roaming around sentosa. Weekends were used to visit all the hot spots in
    singapore. Places we visited have been (mint/peranakhan)/museums, zoos, bird parks. My wife birthday was held at raffles city. In short, since our marriage in
    July 5 2012, we are thrilled to be sharing our lifes and experiences together. One of the experiences we would love to have is the attend the national day celebration.

    Its one of a life time experiences and i have personally never had the change to be in a live experience.
    We have already submitted the paper work for my wife to be a permanent resident and we hope to build our family as soon as possible. SIngapore has always
    been the awesome place as the goverment is hardworking and the system is well built. The food varieties here accomodates everyone and though singapore is a
    small island, its the best place to live my life out.

    I really hope to be able to get 2 tickets for me and my wife as this experince is something we really love to have. Its our first time and i hope something
    can work out..

    jaidev nanwani,

  2. Elijah Tan Reply

    Singapore has been a very important part of my life as I have been in Singapore for 13 years already. These 13 years have been very fruitful and fulfilling as I had been given many chances to do the things that I like, for example MMS ( Multi-Media Society ). This CCA in my secondary school, Geylang Methodist Secondary School, is great as this CCA has taught me many new things although its only my first year of secondary school. I feel that schooling is very important for every student as its helps us to become more useful people in the future and we can contribute more things to society. As National Day is approaching, I would like to say something to Singapore, Happy National Day!

  3. I like our stories project and I encourage everyone to participate in it. Each of us has our own unique stories to share that may inspire and lighten the day of someone else’s. Happy National Day Everyone!

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