Once upon a time, they were all that mattered, till we moved on and they moved out. But what if the books we have forgotten, haven’t forgotten us?

Through our memory documentation process, the Singapore Memory Project has curated a selection of old books. These books not only the stories they were meant to tell, but also a story of their previous owners through the doodles and markings that they’ve left behind. Here are a few we have found!

Cindy with her copy of “Mr Wumble and the Dragon and Other Stories”

Cindy drew a portrait of herself on a copy of “Mr Wumble and the Dragon and Other Stories” by Enid Blyton.

Jasmine and her copy of “Bookworm Hobbies”

Jasmine was rather protective of her copy of “Bookworm Hobbies” published by Bookworm Consultants Pte Ltd.

Jevon and his copy of “The Teddy Bear’s Tails and Other Stories”

Jevon received “The Teddy Bear’s Tails and Other Stories” by Enid Blyton from his Auntie Mary for Christmas.

Are these the favorite books from your childhood as well?

Share your own favorite stories and the memories behind them with us and we just might be able to reunite you with your old friends! Email to us at

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Yeong Chong
Editor, irememberSG
Singapore Memory Project


  1. Hi Yeong Chong
    I have just submitted 3 photos for the 10 memories contest
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    • Yeong Chong Reply

      Dear Margaret,

      Can I just quickly check if the submission was made via Facebook or via snail mail?

      Yeong Chong

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