Ever since the film Old Friends (老朋友) was screened at public libraries across the island, the irememberSG team has been inundated with requests for a list of the featured food places!

From the creators of Old Places (老地方) and Old Romances (老情人), the final instalment of the trilogy: Old Friends (老朋友) showcased stories of those who pioneered the rich, authentic flavours (古早味) of traditional Singaporean cuisine, and those lucky enough to taste them in this evocative film by Royston Tan and his team from Chuan Pictures.

Salivate at the gently bellowing steam rising off these plates, and control your hunger pangs as you – almost! – smell the wafts of the delightfully Singaporean fare. Click the descriptions under each photo for a link to the Google pin drop, so you can find directions to start your own food tour this instance.

If you organise your own food tour around this, please send your memories and photos to the Singapore Memory portal or email us here. We’d love to hear of your mouth-watering adventures.


Click on the description to go to their location on Google maps!


Here’s all of the featured hawkers in Old Friends on one map. Go forth, food heritage lovers!

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