Our last  Past Forward Exhibition presents to you handicrafts of Singapore’s icons – large and small!  It’s a wonderland where you’ll see famous Singapore personas in life-size bean-bags and your nostalgic scenes in miniature sizes. Be mesmerised by the displays at the Hearts and Craft Exhibition this August!

Tracing SG & The Way We Were @ The Lobby

If you were here, you might be looking at some items you definitely want to own. These tote bags may not seem much, but a discerning eye can catch vector-based swatch patterns of a familiar gate, a Supertree Grove and the phone booths. Can you spot more?

You can also view forgotten practices, including kampong scenes, childhood games, mama shops and multicultural festivals in Toile de Jouy illustrations on your everyday items. Peer a little closer to this exhibit, and you might find that the prints on the products are thematically relevant. You can spot a street hawker scene on the plates and apron. Can you guess what scenes are printed on the umbrella?

Top: TracingSg Bottom: The Way We Were
Top: TracingSg
Bottom: The Way We Were

3D Printing Singapura Stories & The Little Red Brick @ The Atrium

We’ll have you know that the top builders from the local Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOL) assembled to build 50 uniquely Singapore memories out of LEGO bricks. Though it may be tempting to touch, but we’d advise you not to. The artisans may have taken an average of seven months to build all these for your viewing pleasure. And we’ve heard about 50,000 bricks were used to build the Pinnacle replica alone. So let’s not mess with their hard work!

The Little Red Brick’s Creation

If you think it is exceptional enough that they have crafted these, wait till you peek at what’s inside some of their constructions. We managed to spot actual seats in the SBS bus replica and bread crates in the Red House Bakery replica. Almost all of the displays were built down to the minute details with such precision. To top it all off, families can also indulge in building their own LEGO creations – a great way to bond with children and teach them a thing or two about our old Singapore.

Close to this are TINKR’s 3D outfits. These models were constructed using mixed media (3D printing and other materials) and painstakingly finished by hand using traditional model painting techniques. One may gaze into this small world and be reminded of the familiar scenes played out by these little human figurines in the set.

3D Structure of The Great World Amusement Park

The Singapore March @ The Atrium

Walk past the miniature structures, life-size bean bags featuring your everyday Singaporeans will greet you. Here we have the office man, the saman lady and the getai singer in their iconic wear. They are accompanied by their witty description and quotes from these characters. The Singapore March’s artists went to interview actual Singaporean individuals, lifting the small stories of their lives to put on tape. These anecdotes inspired our illustrators to draw the fun and charming artwork that you see before you today.

The Getai Singer on the right and office man on the left.


All exhibitions are running until the end of August.



All words and photos by irememberSG team
unless otherwise credited

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