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Embark on a journey into the lives of our people as they reminisce about yesteryear and reveal their dreams of tomorrow.

The Singapore Memory Project is back with Red Dot Stories, bringing you more videos and blogposts featuring the stories of people who have witnessed significant cultural, political and social developments in Singapore. All rich in experiences pertaining to local trades, media, education or the performing arts, these individuals open up to us with precious anecdotes of their past. Join us as we learn about each of their unique journeys

Once a week, a story will be released for your viewing pleasure. Do check back weekly for new updates!

Red Dot Stories Videos
The World Record Rangoli Artist <NEW>
Quailing to Success
The Secret Life of Jimmy Boy
The Passionate Hokkien Opera Artiste
Tha Last Snake Charmer
Dancing from Her Heart
Pirouetting Around the World
Storytelling: One Act at a Time
Bon for the Ages: Pop Yeh Yeh & the ‘60s
TV Looks Back
Teaching. A Lifelong Lesson.
Digital to Analog
Moulding the Past, Shaping the Present

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Red Dot Stories Blogposts
Room in Her Heart <NEW>
The Carpenter King
Fuelling the Nation, One Kopi at a Time
Finding Fulfillment in a Farmer’s Life
Building Castles on the Ground
Breaking the Sound Barrier
A Transition in Time
A Chip Off the Old Block
From Stage Actress to Scholar
Catching the Moment, One Frame at a Time
Staging for the Next Generation
Berth of Success
Looking Back on Golden Days
The Making of a Leather Craftsman
A Sailor’s Life
A Farewell to Charm
Inking History
A Dentist’s Oral History
Of Hospitality and Hotels
The Long and Short of a Barber’s Life
The Tale of Three Sisters
From Rags to Refurbishments
Rugby’s Road to Recognition
When Art Finds a Way
A Life in Technicolour
My Father, the Hawker
Teaching. A Lifelong Lesson.
Digital to Analog
From Chalkboard to Laptop: A 35 Year Polytechnic Journey
A Uniform That Defined His Life
Life Lessons from the Early Days of National Service
A Point to Prove
Life in the Police Quarters
The Unsung Hero
Seng Wong Beo Temple: Lifting the Veil on Ghost Marriages
Paper Gods
Bon for the Ages: Pop Yeh Yeh & the ’60s
Bringing Comfort to New Mothers
The Art of Calligraphy
Dancing Through the Years
Catwalking Down Memory Lane
Immigration Nation
Time Ticks On
TV Looks Back
The Golden Age of Electronics Manufacturing
Witnessing History in the Making on the Screen
On a Mission to Preserve Singapore’s Memories
As Good as Gold
Moulding the Past, Shaping the Present

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