Who are you and what is this about?

irememberSG is the official companion blog to the SingaporeMemory.sg portal by the Singapore Memory Project.

The nation-wide Singapore Memory Project was started in 2011 to collect, preserve and provide access to memories and stories related to Singapore.

The goal of the Singapore Memory Project is to engage individuals, communities, groups or institutions who have formed memories and content about Singapore and would like to contribute them. This will build a culture of remembering which will nurture bonding and rootedness.

The Singapore Memory Project is a whole-of-nation collaborative initiative led by the Ministry of Communication and Information (MCI) and facilitated by the National Library Board, in partnership with other institutions such as local and overseas libraries, heritage agencies and research institutions. The Project is directed by a Steering Committee and managed by the Project’s Secretariat.

Who are your partners?

Partners from various organisations and agencies are involved in the Singapore Memory Project. They include:

  • Academic, research and library institutions
  • Key heritage agencies
  • Private entities
  • Government agencies
  • Non-government organisations, such as neighbourhood groups

Great. Now how can I contribute to the Project?

Learn how you can be more personally involved in the Project here.

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