Join us at this book launch featuring the following books:
Nini Eat First, Talk Later
Explore the evolution of Singapore’s food culture, native dishes, vanished recipes and dining experiences of the past in Nini Eat First, Talk Later, a light-hearted yet relevant graphic novel that documents daily life in Singapore, as well as its many authentic traditions.

Playtime with Ye Ye
From his immigration to Singapore and the Japanese Occupation through to Singapore’s independence, Ye Ye shares the history of our nation with his grandson in Playtime with Ye Ye. Written in rhyme, this book has both English and Mandarin editions and is complemented by 32 pages of full-colour illustrations. The book is also accompanied by a blog that educates children about the history of Singapore.

Heritage Journeys
A series of island-wide excursions exploring local heritage and culture forms the basis for Heritage Journeys: No Place Like Serangoon Gardens, with four to eight pioneers in varying professions being showcased; thus marrying stories of ordinary Singaporeans with the tapestry of our local landscape. In Heritage Journeys, Catherine Khoo of Janus Education Services employs unique mentoring techniques for writing and media production while incorporating a variety of enriching stimuli from Singapore’s history.

Designing Cultures
As traditional artisanship becomes increasingly irrelevant to younger generations, the project Designing Cultures: The Lasting Visual Memory takes the form of two children’s illustration books depicting the origins, crafting process and personal stories of Singapore’s artisans still practicing today, helping children to appreciate and embrace this precious piece of local heritage.

Date & Time: 30 May 2015, 4pm – 5pm
Location: Exhibition Area @ National Library