Share our love for Singapore with the extensive showings at the Film Festival! Don’t miss Royston Tan’s specially commissioned feature film, “Old Friends”, which explores the theme of food through personal stories of everyday Singaporean. From May, some of these films will travel to select public libraries.

(re)surfacing): 50 years of alternative music in Singapore
by MGO Films

resurfacing 50 years CroppedLet the rhythm of the Singaporean alternative scene move you in (re)Surfacing, a film celebrating the diversity and tenacity of mat rok, xinyao and other local music genres that continue to survive and thrive alongside their mainstream contemporaries.





Showtime at Golden Venus – Swing!
By Joseph Pereira and Joseph Sim

Showtime Cropped

Rewind to the 60s and get a closer look at the extraordinary rise and fall of Singapore’s music scene with Swing!, which features interviews with musical pioneers such as The Crescendos, The Quests, The Swallows, as well as The Straydogs.






Date: 23 May 2015, 2-5pm

  • (re)Surfacing: 50 Years of Alternative Music in Singapore
  • Showtime at Golden Venus- Swing!


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