Share our love for Singapore with the extensive showings at the Film Festival! Don’t miss Royston Tan’s specially commissioned feature film, “Old Friends”, which explores the theme of food through personal stories of everyday Singaporean. From May, some of these films will travel to select public libraries.

Old Friends
By Chuan Pictures

old friendsFrom the creators of Old Places (老地方) and Old Romances (老情人) comes the final instalment of the trilogy: Old Friends (老朋友). Savour the stories of those who pioneered the rich, authentic flavours (古早味) of traditional Singaporean cuisine, and those lucky enough to taste them in this evocative film by Royston Tan and his team.



Kway Chap
By Sun Koh

Kway Chap Cropped

Even though filmmaker Sun Koh grew up in a family of famous kway chap hawkers, she never made a film about them. Now she makes a last ditch attempt at documenting the memories of her family and their livelihoods before they disappear. But many of the places where they started the trade no longer exist – is she one step too late?




The Studio
By Sun Koh

Travel back to the Lion Studios’ musical heyday through the memories of filmmaker Sun Koh, as documented in her film The Studio. Uncover the story behind this local recording studio, which helmed the production of iconic National Day songs and saw the likes of Teresa Teng, Tracy Huang and Teddy Robin recording platinum





Date: 6 June 2015, 2-5pm

  • The Studio
  • Kway Chap
  • Old Friends

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