Share our love for Singapore with the extensive showings at the Film Festival! Don’t miss Royston Tan’s specially commissioned feature film, “Old Friends”, which explores the theme of food through personal stories of everyday Singaporean. From May, some of these films will travel to select public libraries.

Autograph Book
By Bobbing Buoy Films

Autograph books, filled with poems and prose penned by friends or frenemies alike, were key to deciphering the messy web of primary school friendships. Take a nostalgic meander down memory lane in Wee Li Lin’s Autograph Book, which looks at how a tender friendship between two 12-year-old girls is put to the test.





Centrepoint Kidz
By Bobbing Buoy Films

Centerpoint kids Cropped (1)

The Centrepoint mall of the 1980s used to be a vibrant and colourful hangout popular with youths collectively known as the Centrepoint Kidz. Director Wee Li Lin pays tribute to their lively subculture and positive spirit in her film Centrepoint Kidz, chronicling the story of a youth’s initiation into the exclusive group.While these rebels of yesteryear may now have children of their own, the film serves to highlight how these parents once sought unique and daring means of expressing themselves as well.




Old Friends
By Chuan Pictures

old friendsFrom the creators of Old Places (老地方) and Old Romances (老情人) comes the final instalment of the trilogy: Old Friends (老朋友). Savour the stories of those who pioneered the rich, authentic flavours (古早味) of traditional Singaporean cuisine, and those lucky enough to taste them in this evocative film by Royston Tan and his team.





Date: 13 June 2015, 2-5pm

  • Autograph Book
  • Centrepoint Kidz
  • Old Friends

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