Share our love for Singapore with the extensive showings at the Film Festival! Don’t miss Royston Tan’s specially commissioned feature film, “Old Friends”, which explores the theme of food through personal stories of everyday Singaporean. From May, some of these films will travel to select public libraries.

Old Friends
By Chuan Pictures

old friendsFrom the creators of Old Places (老地方) and Old Romances (老情人) comes the final instalment of the trilogy: Old Friends (老朋友). Savour the stories of those who pioneered the rich, authentic flavours (古早味) of traditional Singaporean cuisine, and those lucky enough to taste them in this evocative film by Royston Tan and his team.





The Violin
By Robot Playground Media

Violin CroppedWitness an unconventional recollection of Singapore’s history over the span of 80 years, all from the perspective of a violin.

Directed by Ervin Han, The Violin is an animated short film retelling our nation’s past, struggles and journey – from World War II to the tumultuous political times that led to Singapore’s separation from Malaysia, right up to the present.



Simi Kopitiam
By Little Red Ants Creative Studio

Simi Kopitiam Cropped

From the morning kopi outlet to the occasional gang fight battleground, kopitiams have become inextricably woven into the fabric of our daily lives.

Explore how they became a Singaporean cultural mainstay in Simi Kopitiam?, a film interspersed with candid accounts by the kopi kias and towkays who have worked and lived in kopitiams for most of their lives.



New Huat Kueh
By Caleb Ming

A filmmaker who was himself born into a kueh-making family, Caleb Huang sets out to document the history of the humble huat kueh and how it is being enjoyed by people before it fades into oblivion.






Date: 20 June 2015, 2-5pm
Location: Woodlands Regional Library Basement 1, Auditorium

  • The Violin
  • Old Friends
  • Simi Kopitiam
  • New Huat Kueh

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