Memento is our editor’s column where you can expect to see opinion pieces on the state of heritage development, nostalgia, and conservation in Singapore. We’ll answer fan mail here and tackle the occasional question on social memory and cultural identity.

From the Archives gives us a chance to discuss contributions at the portal as part of a bigger thematic arc. These could be synchronized to specific moments in history in remembrance of some of these events.

A project of such a scale would be impossible if not for the energies of our volunteers and partners who have generously come forward to make this a bottom-up initiative. One of Us pays tribute to them who make our work possible.

irememberSG Fund features project updates from our fund awardees who have been working hard to collect, interpret and showcase memories of Singapore. Their great works will be featured in 2015, when Singapore turns 50! So keep a lookout for their works-in-progress!

Last but not least, our Campaigns column will feature related activities and heritage initiatives that bring us together. We’d also highlight occasional competitions we run on our Facebook and Twitter pages.



  1. Lim Khoon Min Reply

    Hi, I’d like to see more memories about the social work that we have done in Singapore all these years. Even environmental, animal welfare and other causes, should be included in our memory project.
    We have grown from tidak apa to a more matured and caring society now.

    • Hi Khoon Min

      That’s a great idea, we’d see what we can do!


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