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How can I get involved more personally in the Singapore Memory Project (SMP)?

Volunteer as part of our Memory Corps by signing up here and/or dropping us an email at

By joining our Memory Corps, you’ll be an ambassador of SMP, spreading the word and helping to collect and document the memories of Singaporeans to preserve for future generations!

As our volunteer, you can pursue any of the following tracks:

  • Interviewers and documenters: This is the bread and butter of the work that SMP volunteers do. You will sniff out content and story leads, conduct interviews and write engaging entries for our blog and portal. You will be schooled in the art of conducting interviews and must enjoy writing on a broad range of topics. You will have the opportunity to interview and document the memories of interesting or prominent personalities, pioneer generations of Singapore, even your own friends and family or anyone with a story to tell about Singapore.
  • Support for SMP outreach events: Being a nationwide project, SMP often organises outreach events or initiatives to document memories of Singapore. These events often need support from our volunteers to help out as roving reporters or to man memory booths.  You should ideally be an enthusiastic and outgoing individual – an open mind and willingness to get your hands a little dirty are musts.
  • Trainers and mentors: As a trainer/mentor, you should have prior experience as writer/documenter & interviewer and have been contributing a significant number of articles and posts for the Project. Our trainers/mentors help us recruit new volunteers, show them the ropes and conduct training workshops for special projects where needed.

I am a community leader/ teacher, how can I bring the Singapore Memory Project to my community / classroom?

We have developed a basic set of Memory Kits as instructional materials for educators and students to bring to their classroom. We are also in touch with many resident committees, town councils and community development councils to tap into the grassroots for community initiatives.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can bring the Singapore Memory Project to your classroom / community, contact us at

I’m really busy, are there other ways I can help?

You can help us by contributing your personal memories at the portal. Every submission counts towards the goal of collecting a representative set of Singaporean memories by 2015. Think of it as a big birthday present to Singapore, which turns 50 on 2015.

Spread the word with a “Like” on the irememberSG Facebook Page and join our community,  follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, or subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed.

If you’re a blogger, do also consider pledging your blog to us.


  1. Hi there,

    I learnt about the Singapore Memory Project from the bittersweet ECP Macs farewell video and would very much like to get involved. I can help with interviews and writing as well as photography and videography. I would like to find out more about how I can help out! Thanks!

    Best wishes

    • Yeong Chong Reply

      Hi Rachel!

      This is Yeong Chong, whom you’ve seen from the video and I’m the editor of irememberSG. Great to hear your enthusiasm for our project; we’d appreciate if you have also other friends who might want to help us. I’ll be writing to you shortly to register your interest 🙂


  2. Hi YC
    I have written a mini memoirs for my grandchn and would like to share with irememberSG.
    Do contact me!!

  3. hi Yeong Chong!
    i am very interested in becoming a part of the the memorycorp so is my friend. we are both jc students and are wanting to do this as a part of our CIP. We tried to signup but unable to reach the link to do so.Is it possible for us to join you guys?

    thank you
    please do get back to me through my e-mail! 🙂

  4. Elaine Sim Reply

    Hi Yeong Chong,

    I am currently studying in JC and working on my project work on wastage of historical knowledge in Singapore.
    When I learnt about Singapore Memory Project, I found out that this project is rather similar to my project since the objectives of my project is to reduce the wastage of historical knowledge by documenting and recording the knowledge down.
    However, my project is targeting elderly aged over 65 years old, unlike iremember SG which targets all Singaporeans.
    Hence, I would like to ask if NLB has statistics on the percentage of elderly attending iremember SG.
    If NLB does have the statistics, I would like to get hold of this statistics.

    In addition, I would like to enquire about why NLB is embarking on this project.
    Is it because it is noticed that such historical knowledge is wasted?
    Do NLB have the statistics to prove that the historical knowledge is wasted, especially in the elderly sector?
    If NLB does have the statistics, will it be possible if I can get hold of that statistics too?

    Thank you.
    Please do get back to me through my email (:

  5. Hi! I am amazed by this project. My fiancee does videography and editing while I can write/recruit or whatever it is you guys need! We are both proficient bilingually too and we would love to be a part of this project! Came across the flyer at my office and I am glad that finally we have a platform to document our memories and share them as a community!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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  8. I love the great work you’re doing — and would love to help out, but the NLB’s new volunteer sign-up form isn’t particularly helpful. Any better way to sign up?

    • Yeong Chong Reply

      Hi Daryl!

      How about sending us a self introduction and a range of topics you’d like to dig deeper into? Just email with the subject “Volunteer Registration”. Looking forward to meet you in person!

      Yeong Chong

  9. I am a history buff and has very little wealth to leave for my children and their children’s children except for the memory of my childhood and growing-up years in the yester-years of Singapore which I believe will be useful as guiding principles in their own search for a meaningful live in Singapore in years to come and hence I started my own blog, Kampong Coronation as a present for myself on my birthday on 11.11.2011and my descendants. The demands of full-time job just simply overwhelmed my desire to blog actively. I like the irememberSG banner and I hope I can be part of the Singapore Memory Project in a small way that I can.

    • Yeong Chong Reply

      Hi Bakhtiar,

      Thank you for getting in touch with us; we’re heartened that more and more people are coming forward with their own memory projects to remember Singapore the way they did. Would you have a website link of Kampong Coronation to share? We’d love for you to join our Memory Corps volunteer group too 🙂

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  11. Nancy Chng Reply

    Is it too late to submit interviews or photos? Is there a deadline?

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  13. hi, i have send an email on 06/05 to enquire and explore the idea of bringing iremember to toa payoh hdb hub. Looking forward to your reply!

  14. The Singapore Memory Project should also include the intangibles, such as Xinyao songs for example, which was the rave in the 80s. Video/Audio archives of such old TV/Radio clips could be included and preserved.

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  17. I am a Singaporean, a senior citizen an outgoing person. I like my work as an
    Interviewer meeting, engaging and interacting with people. I would like to volunteer my service as an Interviewer.

    Friends in my peer group are the pioneer generations of Singapore. Some folks are people with prominent personalities, with unique experiences and interesting stories to share. I hope we can give these people some strong encouragement to come forward to share their most invaluable stories.

    As time and tide waits for no man. So let’s get going….. Yeh! before our passport expires.


  18. This is a very meaningful n interesting project. I wished I could write better n contribute to the treasure box. Good luck with the project! 加油!

  19. Hello,

    I emailed to a few days ago and have yet to received a single reply. I am turning 21 this year and as part of my holiday plan to volunteer and learn a new skill or two while being exposed to Singapore’s vivid history and social landscape, I would really love to be involved in this project.

    Thank you.

    • Yeong Chong Reply

      Hi Wei Song,

      My colleague Nurul will be getting in touch with you soon; apologies to keep you waiting.

      Yeong Chong

  20. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We have a number of stories from our ex-students. How do we submit stories of schools to you? Is the address MOE AST iremembermyschooldays still valid?

    Thank you.

    • Agnes Phua Reply

      Hi Premela,

      I see that you’ve written to us via the irememberSG email, thanks for your mail! We’ll be getting back to you shortly 🙂


  21. Irene Chew Rezel Reply

    Hey, was browsing thru NLB website looking for something I can contribute towards and stumbled upon the SG50 project. heard about it but didn’t give it much thought as too busy with work. Now that I am working part time, I would like to begin being involved in the community a little bit. not sure if i am too late to even volunteer my time or service given that u guys started in 2012!! was reading the memory corps write up – interesting.
    if it is not too late to do something, I’d be happy to find out what and how. Be happy to chat. Drop me a note. Thanks.

  22. Mala Mohan Reply


    This is a wonderful initiative that I would love to be a part of. As a ‘pioneer generation’ Singaporean retiree from the Sri Lankan Tamil community, I’d love to participate if I can.


    • Nur Azizah Reply

      Hi Mala,

      Thank you for your interest. We will get in touch with you shortly.

      irememberSG Team

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