The SMP Memory Kit

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The Singapore Memory Project (SMP) is proud to announce the release of the Memory Kit: your guide to capturing personal memories. This is our very first illustrated step-by-step guide to documenting meaningful memories of and conversations on Singapore.

It is an ideal tool for first-time memory makers who would like to try their hands at capturing their own memories and that of others including family, friends and people you know.  Choose from eight different formats for your personal documentation project. These include:

  • Oral history
  • Writing memories
  • Photographing memories
  • Illustrating memories
  • Animating memories
  • Recording soundscape memories
  • Documentary filming of memories
  • Visioning the future

Each chapter is written by experienced practitioners and professionals.  Contributors include documentary photographer, Zakaria Zainal, local film maker, Wee Li Lin and co-founder of Animagine, Ho Wei Siong and the National Archives of Singapore.

Besides the how-tos, we also provide a set of interview questions, on selected themes, which you could use to start off conversations during interviews.

Be a memory maker and embark on your own memory project today and contribute it to the Singapore Memory Project.   All memories contributed will be shared online on the portal.               

Grab a copy!

Download your Memory Kit Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 here, or select a chapter below:

If you would like to obtain a print copy, email to us at with a brief description on the memory project that you plan to work on.

We look forward to reading and receiving your memories!


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