Pledging Your Blog

1. What is the Singapore Memory Project?

The Singapore Memory Project (SMP) is a national initiative started in 2011 to collect, preserve and provide access to stories, moments and memories related to Singapore, so as to tell the Singapore Story. These recollections will come from Singaporeans, organisations, and groups.

2. What is this Blog Pledging Initiative about?

It is part of our on-going memory collection drive.  We would like to let blog owners like you to contribute without having to retype and submit the blog entries to our portal.

We are interested in blog entries and personal narratives about life and culture in Singapore. In this instance, your blog posts are in fact “memories”, albeit expressed in a specific format. Since many blog posts take the form of personal diaries and memoirs, we feel that this way of going about it would be a natural fit.

Simulation and Software Technology (S2T) Pte Ltd has been appointed by us to identify and invite bloggers to pledge their blogs to the project.

3. Why should I pledge my blog to the SMP?

By contributing to the project, you are affirming that every memory matters. Whether your posts are an account of your daily life, or an expression of your thoughts, the SMP hopes to find a home for your memories so that it can help build towards an understanding of Singapore. Last but not least, you will enjoy the traction provided by SMP with more visitors reading your blog.

4. What if I do not blog about heritage or nostalgia? Is the SMP still interested in my blog?

Yes, we are. “Memories” are not limited to heritage or nostalgia. If you are a Singaporean, we see your entire blog as your individual perspective as a citizen. As a citizen, you might blog about social issues of the day. Your posts might be on things that are of interest to you (e.g. technology). Or, it could be what you found enjoyable – food, movies, books, holidays. Your posts are memories in the making. If you are a non-Singaporean and your posts are mostly about Singapore, we also see them as valid Singapore memories too.

5. Who can pledge their blogs to SMP?

The pledging exercise is open to both citizens and non-citizens alike. Anyone who has visited Singapore, or has a memory about Singapore, can contribute.

6. Does pledging mean I transfer copyright of my blog content to SMP?

No, it does not. You retain the copyright to your content. By pledging your blog, you do agree to give us permission to use your posts for non-commercial purposes. We may feature your content – with attribution to you– within our newsletters, social media pages and within community presentations about the project.

7. What happens if there are blog entries that I do not own the rights to feature elsewhere?

By pledging your blog posts to SMP, you are affirming that you have the rights to feature them elsewhere. If you don’t own the rights to do so, those entries cannot be used for the Blog Pledging Initiative.

8. How are my pledged blog or entries shown on the SMP portal?

Your name will be listed on the Blog Contributors page, along with your blog title, number of posts and a thumbnail of your blog. Clicking on your name will bring visitors to your blog.

Your blog posts are not displayed on the SMP pages (You do not have to worry about duplicate blog content being shown on the SMP portal).

9. Will my pledged blog posts be edited or modified?

No.  First, we will only be able to access blog posts that you have made public (we will certainly never be able to access private or locked posts). Second, we will not revise or edit any contributions that have been submitted or pledged. Contributions that contravene the stated Terms and Conditions are removed, but that said the we seek to be as open as possible. We ask that contributors adhere to the Terms & Conditions, and remain in true spirit of the project.

10. Do I need to do more after I pledge?

You do not need to do anything else in most cases.  As you publish new posts, it will be incrementally added to the SMP counter. We will do so via counting your RSS feed.

You should contact us if your feed URL has been changed, or if you have a different blog name. We will update our pages accordingly.

11. OK, I wish to pledge my blog. What should I do?

Simply drop an email to with your basic contact details, (Name, Contact, Blog URL, Email Address) blog contributor listing preference and whether you will like to vet the list of entries that will be pledged. Add “I wish to pledge my blog” in the subject line of the email. You are also required to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

The citizenship information allows us to determine whether your entire blog will be pledged. If you are a non-Singaporean, only entries related to Singapore will be considered.

As part of the SMP Terms and Conditions, you agree to give us permission to reuse and publicise your content for non-commercial purposes.

12. Can I not pledge and still allow SMP to consider my blog as part of the collected memories?

It would make things a lot easier for us! But no, we cannot consider your blogs as part of SMP without your pledge. We require your explicit permission and agreement for us to consider your blog as part of the collected memories.

13. Can I withdraw my memories?

Of course. To withdraw from the Blog Pledging Initiative, simply drop an email to, addressed to Mrs Nur Azizah with the subject “Withdrawal from Blog Pledging Initiative”. No questions will be asked.

If it is a complete withdrawal from the blog pledging initiative, your name will be removed from the list of contributors. Withdrawal may take up to 2 months to reflect the change.

14. How long does it take to have my name listed as a contributor?

It may take up to 2 months.

15. Why does it take so long?

The 2 month period is a conservative estimate. As the volume of posts that are pledged can reach astronomical amounts on busy months, we can only do a consolidation at the end of the month. Typical users experience a 2-4 week waiting period, depending on their date of blog pledging.

16. How will my pledged memories be used by the SMP?

Your blog posts may be selected to be featured as stories, for National Day 2015, when Singapore turns 50. Your blog entries may also be included in our publicity and publications for non-commercial purposes.

17. Is there a badge that I can display on my blog?

Yes. If you so decide, you can display a badge on your blog. We will provide the instructions to download and display the badge. The badge is issued to recognize your support to the SMP.

18. Who can I contact should I have further questions?

You may email your questions to, addressed to Mrs Nur Azizah.



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  2. HI. I just finished submitting the online form to pledge some of my posts. When can I get the badge? I’d love to have it on my blog. Thanks.

  3. @postcardtrail: Hi! We’ve received your submission successfully and will be in touch via email with the badge. Thanks for participating 🙂

  4. I have pledged my blog. Thanks for granting me this honor! Will be looking forward to the badge on my blog.

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  6. I have pledged my blogged and I am looking forward to share all of my memories especially that of singapore with you and everyone that goes to the singapore memory project.

    • @Mezhal: We are thrilled to have your memories as part of SMP. Thank you!

  7. Thank you for honor, especially given to non-singaporean, but I’m willing to contribute and pledged my blog immediately.
    Looking forward to get badge! please, mail me!

    • LittleMissMeen – Thank you for pledging! We’ll get in touch with you regarding the badge soon 🙂

  8. hi, thank for the invitation. I’m honored to be selected too.

    I’m a non Singaporean, and i’m glad that you have invited me to pledged my blog, thank you.

  9. I am honored to have my blog ‘Enchanting SE Asia’ included in the Singapore Memory Project, and also look forward to proudly displaying the SMP badge. Thank you very much again!

  10. Thx for the invitation! I’ve pledge my blog. I feel honored to be involved in this project. Will be looking forward to badge my pledged blog 😀

  11. Received an email from you and was really delighted~ I had just completed the pledge~ added the badge to my blog~! Glad to be part of it~ ^_^

  12. Hello!
    I’m really glad that there’s this project to preserve memories of Singapore, be it new or old! I’ve been secretly worried that the olden days and traditions of Singapore would be forgotten as Singapore grows and changes. Pledged my blog for this awesome project! 😀

    • Thank you, Angeline! We certainly hope they don’t get forgotten as well. Thank you for pledging your blog!

  13. Hi there!

    I have just pledged my blog! Thank you so much for your invitation even though I am a non Singaporean. Looking forward to having my badge 🙂

  14. thank you for the invite! I have pledged my blog. as a non-singaporean that loves singapore so much, i feel truly honored. guess what, I’m actually a recipient of Singapore’s Ministry of Education’s High School Scholarship years ago 😀 but I didn’t take it because I went to the U.S for a student exchange program. Now I visit Singapore regularly, in fact I’m visiting this weekend. Singapore will always have a place in my heart next to my homeland Indonesia!

    • Hi Attika,

      Thanks for your comments and kind words. We appreciate your support and look forward to your blog!

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  17. Hi, pledged my blog upon receiving your invitation. Do advise how to display your badge. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  18. Hi Daryl,

    I have received the invitation thrice on my email but the past 2 times I replied, my emails went unanswered and the strange thing is when I sent my 2nd reply to somebody called Patrick which went unanswered, I received the email invitation again the next day.

    I hope that by posting here, my queries could be addressed. You may reply me on the gmail a/c which is stated on this form.

    This was what I wrote:

    Dear Patrick,

    It is a pleasant surprise to receive an email related to blogs and NLB. In fact, this is the second time I’ve received an email invitation to pledge my blog. I sent an email the first time round but did not receive any reply. I hope you would be able to clarify my doubts.

    1) I’m curious to know how the blogs are chosen to be pledged to Singapore Memory Project.
    Is it a a general selection a la mass “recruitment” procedure or are blogs specially selected based on certain posts? I do not blog a lot about Singapore but instead of my personal life in a lifestyle blog concept. Hecne, it makes me wonder how my blog was stumbled upon and invited to be pledged

    2) As seen in this line: By pledging your blog, you do agree to give us permission to use your posts for non-commercial purposes. We may feature your content – with attribution to you– within our newsletters, social media pages and within community presentations about the project.
    Would the contents of my blog be featured in any media without additional notice once I pledge my blog? Or would I always be notified if my blog contents are used or featured in some way or another? I have the concept that after pledging, SMP would have the rights to use any content without prior notification. Hence, do correct me if I’m wrong.

    I look forward to your response.

    Thank you.

  19. Thanks for the invite, this sounds cool, have pledged my blog!

    Would like to ask where the list of blog contributors is on the site? I was hoping to check out the other blog contributors but couldn’t find the page…

    • Hi jac, your blog is so awesome that it just reminded me how long I have not had a vacation! *weh weh*

      Btw, I had the same thoughts as you… would love to check out the rest of your blogs. Mebbe should be a link to categorize all the pledged blog contributions.

      • Thanks buds =) I hope you go on a vacation soon, the idea of my blog is exactly that – to remind people to go take a holiday!

        I read in pt #8 above that there would be a page with all the blogs, but it wasn’t very clear if it was up yet, or when it would be up. In actual fact I’m still a little hazy on how this is supposed to work!

  20. Sorry, i would love to be part of this project, but i can’t seem to submit my application because i’m using wordpress!

      • Hi Nicholas,

        Sorry for the inconvenience and glad you managed to pledge your blog! Appreciate your support 🙂


  21. A long time Singaporean collector of World War One and Two militaria from both Axis and Allied nations. I am also a living historian with my own band of brothers known as ‘Syonan Reflections’.

    I just pledged my blog and this continues my mission to preserve Singapore’s military history.

    • Hi buds,

      Can you let us know your blog url and email address, and we can check it out for you.


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    • Kellynn Wee Reply

      Hi Jerry,

      Thanks for your interest! May we know the address of the blog you wish to pledge, and if you’d like to pledge the whole blog or selected posts?


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    • Nur Azizah Reply

      Hi Skip Hire,

      We are heartened to read your comment on our site. We will continue to put up more interesting stories and memories by our fellow countrymen. Do continue to visit us and our social media sites every now and then for new stories. 🙂

      iremembersg team

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